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Derek has authored the books below which you can purchase on Amazon via the link or alternatively free eBooks are available by signing up as a member.




After listening to over 1000 startup pitches through investment meetings, accelerators, judging panels and more, there is a pattern of which companies receive funding, which ones succeed and which ones don't.

This book reflects on those lessons learnt and gives stories and practical tips to help give you the best chance of your startup succeeding.




Jesus said that we should love God and we should love other people.Then Paul said don't just pretend to love other people... really love them. This is the idea behind Love Love.It's the story of a community that has gathered to try and really love people.


The book is packed with over 200 ideas of practical ways you can love people in your world so you can demonstrate the love of God to them.



Whether you like it or not - there is no other person that influenced humanity more that Jesus. In his short time on earth he led a small group of followers that has grown to one third of the whole following his teachings.


This book gives 50 devotionals that focus on the things that Jesus said that you can work through over 50 days or 50 weeks.



If you have ever wondered what this Christian stuff is all about - then this book is for you. If you are wanting to find out more about the Christian faith, then in six simple chapters you can get a foundation to start your journey with.  

Christian Stuff is ideally read together with a few people, where you can discuss everyone's perspective on topics including  the Bible, Creation, Separation, Jesus, The Holy Spirit and the Church. You can also access the free video series here.



Maximus and His Tales That Teach Us About God is a children's book that uses the examples of our dog Maxi's life, to help with a conversation about God.


You will learn about faith, trust, listening, patience and more, as you journey through some stories of Maxi and his Dad.



The Church Startup tells the story of what church planting is really like. It includes the Church Startup Canvas that is a practical tool that allows church planters to get their church plan on a page.


Combining what we learn from church planning in the New Testament, with modern day startup thinking, Derek has designed a framework that is simple to use and helps you focus on the things that matter.

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